Controversy ignites as Ancelotti makes fiery statements before Girona clash

    The head coach of Real Madrid, Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, made statements regarding the Merengue – Girona match, which will take place tomorrow at 19:30 Cairo time as part of the eighth round of the Spanish La Liga championship. The Montelivi Stadium will host the events of the meeting between the two teams, as well as the events of the match between the two teams. The match was broadcast on the beiN Sports 3 channel.

    When the Italian was asked about the team’s performance ahead of the meeting with leaders Girona, he said: “We are in good shape. We have to play an important match against the league leaders. We will try to do more.”

    Regarding Rüdiger’s condition, he confirmed that “he has no serious problems, he has recovered.” The team is a little tired, but very happy to play this match.”

    Vinicius ready to face Girona

    The Italian confirmed that Vinicius, Carvajal and Jodi are ready to start in the upcoming match against Girona, stressing that Vinny is in good form. He will be involved from the start and in the match we will see whether he can participate for 90 minutes or not.

    Rodrigo doesn’t want to score

    He said of Rodrigo Al Saem regarding his performance: “He didn’t score the goals everyone expected, but his contribution at team level is still good and he was the only one to play all the matches.”

    Regarding the match against Habrona, he said: “The Spanish league is over after what we achieved last year.” It wasn’t a very good night. What happened last season will not happen tomorrow.

    Will Muric miss the match against Girona?

    Regarding Modric’s participation or lack thereof, he said: “The squad is the same as always. I won’t go into detail about that now.”

    Details of Ancelotti’s meeting with Vinicius

    The Italian revealed details of his meeting with Ancelotti, saying: “I told him to be careful because we don’t want to take any risks. He played hard and I told him to control himself.

    Ancelotti raises controversy ahead of Girona match with fiery statements
    Carlo Ancelotti – Real Madrid

    Ancelotti praises Girona star

    Regarding Savigno’s level, he said: “He is a young player who has done very well. We have seen his matches and his very strong abilities. How can we stop this? We have the players, the experience and the ability to stop any player.”

    Is Alaba’s injury considered serious?

    On Alaba’s injury, he said: “It’s nothing serious, just a slight inconvenience and we’ll do our best to recover before Tuesday.” .

    Regarding the responsibilities of the team’s full-backs, he said: “In the first stage of the season, we asked them to play forward more than usual because when the strikers are at the back, they have to help the attack to provide a lot of opportunities.” , especially when they don’t have a better player on the wing like Vinicius.

    Ancelotti stressed: “The work is going well and we were scoring goals through crosses at the defensive level. Sometimes the problem we faced was that we could not help the defense with four players.” “There were some matches where they struggled more than usual.”

    real Madrid
    Carlo Ancelotti and Vinicius Junior

    Ancelotti’s meeting with Girona is difficult

    Regarding the meeting with the Spanish league leaders, he said: “We have to evaluate this moment and believe what is written in the table. Girona performed better than others in the first matches. We must respect this. Girona can compete. He has a big advantage. He hasn’t played a single match in Europe and we can prepare well. He confirmed that international competitions have the greatest impact on the team because we suffer from injuries and fatigue, and there are no problems with recovery.

    Official formation of Real Madrid
    Official formation of Real Madrid

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