Controversy ignites as Ancelotti chosen to coach Barcelona over Xavi

    Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid, has revealed his position on the fact that in the near future he will coach Barcelona instead of Javi Hernandez.

    It is worth noting that Real Madrid is preparing for a meeting with Villarreal tomorrow, on Saturday, as part of the twenty-eighth round of the Spanish championship.

    Beze is second in the La Liga table with 59 points, 12 points behind leaders Barcelona.

    Ancelotti sparks controversy for coaching Barcelona instead of Xavi


    Carlo said at a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s meeting with Villarreal: “Can you replace Xavi? It’s impossible for me to coach Barcelona. You must respect the history of each club. I have a lot of respect for Barcelona and Xavi, but I don’t want to change myself for anyone.”

    He continued: “Kroos and Modric contract extensions? All right, the club is discussing it.

    He added: “Do you think Kroos, Modric and Benzema will stay? I think so, but the day they stop something will change, we have great guys like Choameni, Valverde, Camavinga and Ceballos, it will be a different era at the club.

    Modric and Kroos
    Modric and Kroos

    And he continued: “The state of the team after the victory over Barcelona? A bit tired but we have no problem, everyone is available except Mindy.

    He added: “I am fine, calm and enthusiastic, I like the team and I am fine, on a personal level I have no problems.

    And he continued: “I am very comfortable here at the best club in the world, we are satisfied, we need to win these two titles to finish the season well, that would be amazing.

    He added: “League matches help us to be in good shape.

    He continued, “The rivalry between Xavi and Vinicius? There is a strong rivalry, Vinicius represents a great era at Real Madrid and football in general.

    Ancelotti sparks controversy for coaching Barcelona instead of Xavi
    Vinicius Jr.

    And he continued: “We reached the final, and this is the most important thing. Clasico was in the ten most important matches in my career.

    Ancelotti continued: “I think after 1272 games I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

    He continued, “Alaba injuries? He had a few injuries that affected him a little, last year he didn’t have much continuity, now he’s back in better shape.

    He summed up Rodrigo’s condition, saying: “Rodrigo is in good shape and will play tomorrow.

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