Controversial Actions of Manchester United Manager Ignite Fiery Reactions from Cristiano Ronaldo

    Englishman Mike Phelan, the former Manchester United coach, has revealed the behind-the-scenes time spent by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo before moving to Al Nasr, Saudi Arabia.

    Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United
    Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United

    Rocket Madeira joined the national team during the transfers last winter, after the termination of his contract by mutual consent with Al-Manio.

    Behind the scenes of Cristiano Ronaldo’s time at Manchester United

    Phelan said on Sky Sports International that “Don became much older, stubborn and strong-willed in the second period.”

    He continued: “He still had very high standards and was great to work with as he has a tougher mentality.”

    He continued, “I liked it because he didn’t want his standards to drop, he wanted other people’s standards to rise, and sometimes some people lose focus when that happens.”

    He confirmed: “I remember some moments when he pushed hard and didn’t get a reaction or response. He felt frustrated.”

    He added: “When you deal with the best players, it’s about them, where they can finish and where they can go.”


    The coach continued United Previous: “They want to look back and say, ‘Wow, that was a success, and he must have realized that.’

    He concluded: “I don’t know because I never had that conversation with him that he couldn’t do it at Manchester United and so his problems were elsewhere.”

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