Conditions for Messi’s return to Barcelona: The set requirements.

    Messi wants to come back Barcelona At the start of next season, he does not want to renew his contract with his current Paris Saint-Germain team, and in light of this, Juan Laporta has set two conditions for the return of the Argentine star to the ranks of the team.


    Barcelona next match date

    Barcelona are preparing to face Elche in the 27th round of the Spanish League matches, which will take place next Saturday, April 1, 2023.

    Conditions for the return of Messi

    According to the Spanish newspaper Deportivo Mundo, the first condition for the return of the flea to the Camp Nou is that Laporta wants to return it for an amount that will be much less than other offers, but this will depend on the desire of the Argentine star.


    As for the second condition, Leo accepts his new role in the blue garnet dressing room for two reasons. The first is his age, and the second is the leadership that emerged after his departure from the ranks of the Catalan team.

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