Chelsea Manager Reveals Exclusion Reason After Defeat to Real Madrid

    Chelsea manager Frank Lampard revealed the reasons behind his team’s defeat at Real Madrid during the match that brought them together yesterday, Tuesday.

    Stamford Bridge, the stronghold of the English team Chelsea, hosted the second leg against the Royal Club in the quarter-finals of the European Champions League, which ended with a score of two goals: none. .

    Los Blancos faced their counterpart, the Blues, at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, and the match ended in a two-goal draw for the landowner at the expense of Chelsea. .

    real Madrid
    real Madrid

    While in the second leg, Spain’s capital team prevailed with two clean sheets at the expense of a landlord scored by Real Madrid star Rodrigo José to eliminate Chelsea and Bezet advanced to the semi-finals.

    English manager Frank Lampard, manager of Chelsea, spoke at a press conference after the match against Real Madrid, explaining the reasons for the loss and his plan for the next period with the Blues.

    Lampard said: “I can’t complain about the performance of the players, it was a good game. Our results show that we are making progress and we can make progress in the future. But the most important thing is the result, and without goals scored we could not achieve the result.

    He added: “They have to be motivated to give everything (the players) when you play for Chelsea. The players have to respect the club and I want to see that in their game before the end of the season.


    He continued: “We play for Chelsea. Players who train hard and show results like that deserve to be played. I have to judge it in terms of their competition.”

    And the Blues coach added: “Playing for Chelsea is not a gift, it has to be earned. This should always be the rule.”

    After losing to Real Madrid.. Chelsea manager explains reason for exclusion

    And he emphasized about the refereeing decisions: “I lacked two minutes in the first half. Militao showed me the second yellow card. I won’t say what I really think. That card in the last third is the second yellow card, which means red, which means that 30 minutes they will play with ten.

    And he added: “We have to accept the situation. This is the year we don’t want to be in, we are in a transitional phase.”

    He stated: “It is clear that there are things we want to improve and the level of the game shows it. There are seven league matches left to show this performance. The last part of the attack is important and we have to deal with it.”

    He explained: “We have a day off on Wednesday and can return to work on Thursday to prepare for Brentford. This club will be back. I think the fans appreciated today’s performance and we should stick to that and come back next year.”

    He continued, “I don’t like to lose matches. Now we have time to act. What does it mean if you are 8th or 12th in the league? It means a lot to me.”

    He confirmed: “I saw things in the match that I liked. The players performed at the level that I wanted, and in the match against Brighton we did not reach that level.

    “Now we can set the ground rules for where we want to go,” Lampard added.

    He concluded, “We can’t bring ourselves to play on nights like this. And we have to set those high standards again, we just have to work as a group. My next seven matches will be a mini version of that and we can get the fans in a good mood.”

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