Chelsea fan group condemns homophobic ´rent boys´ chants at City Ground

    A group of Chelsea Pride supporters have condemned homophobic chants that were heard during the first half of the Blues’ Premier League game against Nottingham Forest at the City Ground.

    Moments after Chelsea took the lead in Sunday’s competition, the Chelsea for hire chant rang out in the stadium and on Sky Sports television coverage.

    In January 2022, the Crown Prosecution Service defined the singing as a hate crime, a decision Chelsea welcomed at the time.

    However, it has not been eradicated and remains an insult sometimes directed at Chelsea players and fans.

    Chelsea Pride, which describes itself as an official group of LGBTQ+ supporters and friends of the club, said such chants were unacceptable.

    The band said in a statement: “We totally condemn the Chelsea Rent Boy chant that can be heard in the city area. It’s time to let you know, the game is streaming on @SkySportsPL. This is now classified as a hate crime.”

    Pride In Football echoed the reaction, stating: “We are very disappointed to learn that *once* in 2023 homophobia is being heard at a football game.

    “If you hear that someone around you is showing homophobia, call him. We need to kick homophobia out of football. It is not normal!”

    A group of forest fans LGBTQ Trickies lashed out at the perpetrators and called for police action.

    In response to Chelsea Pride, they said, “From all true #NFFC fans, please accept our apologies, not only do we hope @NottPolFootball will do their best to take action, we hope @NFFC releases a statement justifying this, and take the necessary action. action.

    “We are ashamed and ashamed.”

    Forest reacted after the game by promising to study the behavior of the club’s supporters.

    Forest said in a statement: “The club is aware of reports of chants against Chelsea fans by a minority of supporters this evening and they do not condone any discriminatory or offensive behavior. The matter will be fully investigated.”

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