Brighton chairman: ‘Relegation unfathomable if season is cancelled’


The Seagulls would endure if the Premier League campaign was ended early as they sit 2 points clear of the drop zone.

Brighton owner Tony Flower has actually declared it would be unfathomable to relegate clubs from the Premier League if the season can not be finished due to the coronavirus break out.

Arguments have actually raved today after a Scottish Expert Football League vote caused the lower league season being ended, with Partick Thistle and Stranraer benched as a result.

Without any return date set for the Premier League and a growing concentrate on June 30 as a prospective cut-off date, a repeat is possible in England, however Flower thinks it would be unreasonable to relegate any club under the situations.

How the table looks ahead of the weekend …

— Premier League (@premierleague) March 11, 2020

“I don’t foresee a situation, if the season’s not played out, that teams will get relegated on a points-per-game basis,” he stated.

“I just don’t think it’s fathomable that a team which is not allowed to play out the season may lose out on 0.2 points based on this system, and also it does not take into account the strength of the team you have not played.”

The Seagulls would endure if the season was ended early as Graham Potter’s side sit 2 points clear of the drop zone– inhabited by Bournemouth, Aston Rental Property and Norwich– with 9 games delegated play.

SPFL Resolution Authorized By Clubs In All 4 Divisions.

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— SPFL (@spfl) April 15, 2020

“You may get a title winner, obviously Liverpool deserve it, you may use that criteria for European qualification but I do not see how anyone can vote for that, certainly the per cent needed (70 per cent), for teams to get relegated. I really cannot foresee that.”

There is now a move in Scotland for an adjustment of the departments which might conserve those dealing with transfer, however Flower stated there has actually been no conversation yet of broadening the Premier League under a comparable situation.

“When we are talking to Premier League clubs and the Premier League itself it’s about finishing this season,” he stated.

“If we get to a situation whereby it’s decided the season can’t be concluded, then we need to have serious conversations about what’s going to happen next season.”

If Clarets Do Not Finish The Season


₤50 Million Deficiency.

— Burnley FC (@BurnleyOfficial) April 4, 2020

Flower likewise anticipates the Financial Fair Play rules to be unwinded due to the crisis. Burnley have actually stated they might lose as much as ₤50 million if the season can not be ended up, while Brighton had actually currently allocated to make a loss due to financial investment in the squad.

“We are going to be well under the FFP numbers,” Flower stated. “It might impact other clubs.

“It has not been discussed but I am sure if the virus meant people were going under the numbers it would be taken into consideration because it would be unfair to get a penalty because of the virus.”

The losses being sustained by clubs are anticipated to lead to a collapse in transfer costs during the next window.

Flower stated the opening of a short-lived mortuary near to Brighton’s arena brought home the scale of the crisis (Adam Davy/PA)

“There’s no doubt the actual value of players right now has gone down in all squads,” Flower stated.

” That might rebound in a year’s time to something like what it is today, however there’s no doubt if you were going to sell a player in this transfer window turning up and you were anticipating to be getting ₤15 m, that you’re going to get less than that.

” Just how much less, I have no concept. It depends upon who the next couple of months play out.

“The number one thought in all of our minds needs to be the virus and the effects on the health of the nation. When you are talking about a new mortuary next to the Amex Stadium it really brings it home.”

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