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Bribery Scandal Rocks Barcelona News with Shocking Developments


Uncertainty still remains in the investigative procedures in the case of the payment of the convicted FC Barcelona to the former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee of the Spanish Football Federation, Henriques Negrera.

It is worth noting that the latest finds, after all, indicated that these amounts were in the form of gifts to the rulers; The Spanish Treasury confirmed: “There is no evidence that these funds have affected the refereeing work of any referee or contributed to the change in the results of any match.”


A report by Spanish news agency APS also said: “The lack of clarity about these payments indicates that billing may be a sign of illegal services, such as trade in confidential information, influencing the appointment of arbitration, or participation in changing the results. “

Barcelona News… shocking development in bribery case

In the relevant context, despite this, no confirmed actions have been proven to constitute irregularities in arbitration matters, or there are indications that the Catalan team has received any arbitration benefit as a result of this whole case.


But what’s controversial is that Catalan club presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu insist that Negrera’s payments remain strictly confidential even amidst the Camp Nou coffers, which could be the result of pending investigations. meanwhile, Barcelona faces a “corruption case”.


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