Brentford Striker Reveals Secret Behind Toni’s Penalty Taking Success

    Ivan Toni continued his impressive penalty record on Monday, but the Brentford striker says his method is simple.

    The 26-year-old once again kicked the ball into the bottom right corner from 12 yards as Thomas Frank’s team triumphed 3-2 in the Premier League over other unlikely European contenders Fulham.

    Toni has converted all 22 penalties he has scored for Brentford, 10 of them in the Premier League.

    Only Yaya Toure, who has scored all 11 penalties for Manchester City, boasts the best 100 per cent conversion rate in the competition, but Toni explained that his penalty routine is to be relaxed.

    After being made to wait before giving Brentford a 2-1 lead in the 53rd minute at the Brentford Community Stadium, he told Sky Sports: “Waiting doesn’t matter, the longer the better because I can get away and think about other things. how to be on vacation and relax.

    “The goalkeeper didn’t move, but I always had a place where I put the ball.”

    Tony has scored 27 of his 28 penalties in his professional career, with the only downside being saving Peterborough United in a 4-0 loss to Barnsley in October 2018.

    This slip was the catalyst for a change in technology.

    When asked when he changed his approach, he replied: “When I missed… I was thinking about different techniques to make sure I had a better chance of scoring, and at the moment everything is working well, so keep moving, it continues.”

    Another strike against Fulham lifted Tony’s Premier League tally this season to 15 despite problems off the pitch.

    The Football Association has been charged with 262 alleged betting violations over a four-year period, but has dealt a blow to English football’s governing body in recent weeks following reports of media leaks.

    Reports said Tony, who missed out on the England squad at the World Cup in Qatar, would be suspended for six months after pleading guilty to some of the charges, claims the striker, who has vehemently denied it on social media.

    Brentford head coach Frank has previously defended his star striker and reaffirmed his support for Tony following the victory over Fulham.

    “I take all the credit, it’s just me,” Frank joked in an interview with Sky Sports. “No, this is Ivan, this is the technique he used when he came to Brentford.

    “He is the best penalty taker in the world for several reasons: his strategy, he practices it, and he is very cool. He keeps doing it the same way.

    “He has a unique skill. This situation with [betting] The thing is, he has a unique ability to focus on games and training, and he continues to do so, so it doesn’t surprise me.

    “He doesn’t like the situation, but he is focused. He is a special player, I think his character is unique in terms of leadership and management of his team.

    “His tie play and how he sees his teammates in terms of combinations and then his goal scoring ability. He is a versatile player.”

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