Boss of UEFA Surprises with Unanticipated Reaction to Possible Punishment for Barcelona

    Alexander Čeferin, president of the European Football Association, unexpectedly answered a question about the possibility of a penalty against Barcelona being approved.

    And the Al Cheringuito program published a video on its Twitter account in which its correspondent asks Chevren in Lisbon: “Is a penalty for Barcelona possible next season?”

    Chevrin just laughed at the question before getting into the car.

    And Čeferin said yesterday: “The situation at Barcelona is so dangerous that I think it’s one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever seen in football.”

    He added: “Of course, at the level of the Spanish league, this issue has expired and cannot have competitive implications, but there is nothing with regard to the European Union that has a statute of limitations.”

    And Spanish reports have claimed that Barcelona face expulsion from the Champions League next season.

    Barcelona are accused of making suspicious payments to José Negrera, the former vice-president of the Spanish Referee Committee, in order to obtain secret services.

    Source: Koora

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