Borussia’s pricing blamed by Bellingham for Real Madrid deal

    Club members are looking for real Madrid The Spaniard has signed English international star Jude Bellingham, a midfielder for Germany’s Borussia Dortmund, during the next summer transfer period.

    And the Spanish newspaper AS previously reported that the leadership of the Royal Club sent a delegate to meet with Jude and his agents in Dortmund in order to begin negotiations on his inclusion in the Mercato in the summer of 2023.


    It is worth noting that the contract of the 19-year-old English football player with Borussia Dortmund expires in the summer of the 2025 season.


    In light of the major clubs’ interest in signing the English player, Borussia Dortmund have set a price at which he will give up his star in order to get his services for any team.

    Bellingham accuses Real Madrid of the price set by Borussia

    And according to what has been revealed by Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Dortmund have confirmed they will not accept at least €125m to refuse the player’s services.

    Real Madrid-Billingham
    Real Madrid-Billingham

    Judd is considering signing with many European clubs next summer, most notably Meringue, but also Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City.

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