Bizarre Twist: Russian player shockingly defeated on American soil!

    Russian tennis player Veronika Kudermitova suffered a sudden and inexplicable defeat at the WTA 1000 tennis championship in Cincinnati at the hands of 43-year-old American Venus Williams.

    Veronika Kudermitova, ranked 16th in the world, entered the match as an extraordinary candidate for victory, and Venus Williams, ranked 43rd in the world, received a wild card to participate in the tournament, and did not even prepare for it properly, so how – she said after the confrontation.

    The start didn’t bode well, as Kudermitova took the lead and dominated the match, advancing four games to one, while the veteran American failed to do anything, playing the role of spectator rather than competitor, but something happened. inexplicable, because the Russian player made strange mistakes and sent the balls out of bounds one after the other, so the great Williams took the opportunity to come back from afar and win five games in a row, and decided with her first set result in her favor with six games to four.

    The scenario of the first group was repeated in the second, as Veronika Kudermitova moved forward four games without an answer, and then five games to one, and everyone thought that the Russian would logically resolve the situation in her favor and win the group. , but what no one expected happened again.

    It began to rain when Veronica was ahead (4-1) and the hard floor of the stadium became very wet, and Venus’ feet slipped, so the American asked the referee to stop the match, but the latter ignored the words of the veteran player. calls.

    The referee was forced to stop the standoff when it started to rain heavily, and the result showed that the Russian had advanced from five rounds to two.

    And half an hour later the game resumed, and the course of the match turned 180 degrees upside down, the Russian started making mistakes again, and Venus again took the opportunity and won five games in a row, as in the first group, to settle the second also in her favor seven runs to five, and exploded one of the biggest surprises on the fields of the yellow ball.

    And Venus Williams achieved her first victory over a player who entered the top twenty of the world ranking of professional tennis players since 2019, and she will face the winner of the match in the second round of this tournament, which will bring together Chinese Chenwen Zheng and Belarusian Alexandra Sasnovich.

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