Betrayal and Resentment: Guardiola’s Affair with United’s Demise

    Manchester United have been quick to respond to Manchester City boss Josep Guardiola’s remarks about American Hollywood star Julia Roberts’ visit to Old Trafford.

    Guardiola surprised everyone present at the press conference by talking about his team’s progress to the quarter-finals of the European Champions League, the convincing victory over the German “Leipzig” (7-0) last Tuesday, talking about the long-standing visit of his role model Julia Roberts to the stronghold of Old Trafford” Manchester United’s sworn neighbor in 2016.

    Manchester United’s official Twitter account re-posted photos of Julia Roberts’ visit to Old Trafford in November 2016, with emojis indicating boastfulness and arrogance.

    Manchester United commented on the photos, saying: “As a keepsake… Julia Roberts came to visit Old Trafford where she and her children met some of the team’s players during the visit after the match against West Ham that took place that day and ended. with a draw 1-1.

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