Benzema responds bluntly to Deschamps’ comments with a joke

    French striker Karim Benzema, player of the first football team of Real Madrid, reacted to the comments of Duke coach Didier Deschamps.

    Where tensions between Karim and his coach in the national team have always been the subject of conversations on social networks and the media, especially at the World Cup in Qatar after he was excluded from the French team due to injury.

    Real Madrid player Karim
    Real Madrid player Karim

    There was information confirming the possibility of Karim Benzema’s participation in the last matches of the World Cup, but the national team coach decided to exclude him until the end of the tournament.

    Benzema ridiculed Deschamps’ words

    France coach Didier Deschamps told the media about Benzema’s absence from the World Cup: “When he got injured, he told me he was dead because participation meant a lot to him. He wanted to get back to training and I told him not to rush. The next day I woke up and he was gone!

    And he continued: “In such situations, there is a truth that Karim knows very well. The diagnosis from the doctor was the same as in Real Madrid.”

    Benzema ridiculed Deschamps' words
    Benzema ridiculed Deschamps’ words

    On the other hand, the Real Madrid striker reacted to the statements of his coach in the national team on social networks.

    Sarcastically: “What impudence”, and next to it a smiley, “clown smiley”, and put on an expressive video in which he meant that Didier Deschamps, the coach of the French national team, was lying in his statements, and added: “Holy Didier.. . Good night.

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