Before the match between Al Ahly and Real Madrid, the Spanish Marca covers the incident in Port Said

    The Spanish team Real Madrid are preparing for a heated confrontation with their counterpart, the Egyptian club Al Ahly, at the Prince Moulay Abdullah Stadium in Rabat in the semi-final round of the Club World Cup.

    Date of Al Ahli’s match against Real Madrid in the Club World Cup

    The “Red Genie” will set up a meeting with its counterpart, the Royal Club, as part of the semi-final round of the Club World Cup, which will be held in the Kingdom of Morocco, the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, at 9 am. evening, Cairo time.

    This morning, the Spanish newspaper Marca published a report on the upcoming match of the century between Al-Ahly and its counterpart, Real Madrid, in the semi-final round of the World Cup in Morocco.

    Before the match between Al Ahly and Real Madrid, the Spanish Marca covers the incident in Port Said

    Before the match between Al Ahly and Real Madrid, the Spanish Marca covers the incident in Port Said

    Marca noted the famous incident in Port Said in their match report, where it was written: “Al-Ahly from Egypt, opponent of Real Madrid on Wednesday, a very successful club, the King of Africa has 10 Champions League titles and is the most victorious on the continent (five champions more than his rival, also an Egyptian Zamalek); He is also the most won in his country (league 42).

    She added: “Some Al Ahly fans claim to be the most title-winning club in the world, which is hard to verify because some of them don’t have official proof.”

    Marca continued: “In their 116-year history, these fans claim to have won over 140 trophies, although the official websites barely mention 105, including national leagues, cups, super cups and various continental trophies in Africa.”

    She added: “And of course CAF called it the African Club of the 20th century. It’s the most successful team in Africa with 24 continental titles. It’s the King of Africa.”

    And she said: “However, the history of Al-Ahly cannot be explained without the tragedy in Port Said (February 1, 2012). Nobody forgets it either in the club or in Cairo, and nobody forgives it.”

    And the newspaper continued: “It happened at the Port Said stadium, in the Egyptian League match between Al Masri and Al Ahly, which ended in a 3-1 score. There was an attack by Al Masri fans who harassed Al Ahli players and fans with stones, bottles and knives.”

    She added: “As a result of the stampede, 74 people were killed (72 Al-Ahly fans, one member of the local team and a policeman) and about 1,000 were injured. A few years ago, the Supreme Court of Egypt sentenced 10 accused to death for organizing the riots.”

    And Marca added: “This is a tragedy that has touched the club and also, of course, Egyptian football; After that match, the Port Said stadium has been closed ever since and the presence of visiting fans in the local league has been banned for many years, until today only up to 5,000 spectators are allowed in local competitions, with a maximum of half of the visiting fans.

    She explained: “That number will rise to 10,000 in this year’s league finals and the African Champions League allows full Egyptian stadium capacity.”

    And she stressed: “The effects of Port Said lasted for a lifetime, and Rabat is unlikely to have 500 Al Ahly fans by the semi-finals on Wednesday, because the visa from Egypt to Morocco takes a long time and some of them do not expect to go out in this semi-final, and it’s also an expensive trip.”

    And the Spanish newspaper concluded: “In total, the Al-Ahly club has about 50 million other fans from all over the world.”

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