Because of Al-Hilal and Barcelona… Messi hit the wall with his father’s decision!

    All the fans of the round witch are waiting in general, and he called crescent Saudi Arabia In particular, the decision of the Argentine legend Lionel Messi final about your future.

    Speculation about the future of the Argentine legend continues, and everyone is waiting for his decision to be made, either to resume in the French Princes’ Garden, or to leave the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain.

    Al-Fly’s contract with the Paris Saint-Germain first team expires on June 30, 2023 and it is worth noting that he has turned down two offers to extend his contract.

    Lionel Messi

    The leader of Saudi Arabia has made a formal offer to Messi in connection with the approaching end of his contract with the Parisian club worth 400 million euros per season.

    The father and agent of Argentine legend Jorge Messi wants his son to move to Inter Miami or Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal or extend his contract with his current team.

    Because of Al-Hilal and Barcelona... Messi hit the wall with his father's decision!

    Because of Al-Hilal and Barcelona. Messi crashed into the wall by his father’s decision!

    And Radio Catalunya blew up a loud surprise about Al-Bargut’s desire to return to the ranks of the Barcelona team, and contrary to the opinion of his father and his family.

    Lionel Messi

    “Lionel Messi sees his return to Barcelona with better eyes than the rest of his family,” Radio Catalunya reported in a recent news update.

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