Bayern Munich Criticize Mane for Joining Saudi Victory

    In the past few days, Senegalese star Sadio Mane from Bayern Munich has joined the ranks of Saudi Arabian winners.

    Bayern Munich have issued an official statement on the statements of director of international relations Sadio Mane, accusing the German club of racism towards him.

    Sadio Mane - Al Nasr Saudi Arabia
    Sadio Mane – Al Nasr Saudi Arabia

    Bakary Cisse, director of public relations for the Senegalese star through the French “RMC”, said: “Everyone who is familiar with European football knows that Leroy Sane is a very arrogant person and Sadio is very calm and has shown that wherever he plays. ”

    He continued: “Sane crossed the line, a lot of wrong things were said about what happened, a lot of bad things appeared in the German press.”

    And he stressed: “They supported Sani against Sadio. They said that Sadio was fined €500,000, which is a lie. Sani apologized to Sadio after the incident. Why? Because he knew he was the one who provoked it.”

    And he added: “(Sani) called some players and told them: I sent Sadio a text message, they told him to answer.”

    He concluded: “The sane statements are racist, I can’t go into some details, so I said that there is ingratitude on the part of Bayern Munich. It’s crazy what’s going on.”

    After joining the Saudi victory.. Bayern Munich open fire on Mane for this very reason

    Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia Officially Announces Contract With Sadio Mane

    Bayern Munich reacted to his claims by saying: “We terminated our contract with Sadio Mane by mutual agreement, but allegations of racism like those being made again from the player’s entourage are unfounded.”

    He added: “He did not tell our coach Thomas Tuchel that Sadio Mane would not play with the team and the club has always expressed its appreciation for the Senegalese star as a person and as a player.”

    And he concluded: “Unfortunately, our common goals that we set ourselves with him were never achieved. This happens in football, and we wish Sadio Mane every success in his new club.”

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