Bayern Bolsters Star Player’s Contract Amidst Real Madrid’s Temptations

    Spanish side Real Madrid are reportedly keen to secure the services of Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies during the upcoming transfer market.

    real Madrid
    Royal Club

    Bayern Munich have reportedly begun to strengthen the contract of Canadian left-back Alphonso Davies, fearing temptation from Real Madrid.

    Bayern moves to protect Davies from Real Madrid’s temptations

    Freund, Bayern Munich’s sporting director, said club officials are open to the idea of ​​extending the contract of team defender Alphonso Davies in the coming period.

    Davies is considered Real Madrid’s most wanted player to support the left front as the player did not renew his contract, which expires in the summer of 2025.

    Alphonso Davis
    Alphonso Davis

    In a statement to German newspaper Sport Bild, Freund said: “Real’s interest in Davis is not objective.”

    He continued: “I’m in constant communication with him about our plans, and he’s here with us.”

    He added: “We want Davis to stay, and preferably he stays for the long term, and that is the topic of our negotiations.”

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