Barcelona’s Xavi launches scathing criticism at Tebas following intense clash with Getafe

    Xavi attacked Barcelona coach Javier Tebas, President of La Liga, following the events of the team’s first match against Getafe, which was full of refereeing errors.

    Barça failed to win the first leg for the second consecutive season after drawing goalless against Getafe at home.

    Xavi attacks Tebas after Barcelona-Getafe match with fiery statements

    There were many refereeing errors and many yellow and red cards in the match, which made the Barça coach attack the referees and the League.

    Notably, Barça are title holders in the latest edition of 2022/2023, and they hope to retain the title, which has been missing from the Catalan club for three seasons.

    Xavi attacks Tebas: Your product that you are selling is a shame!

    Xavi opened fire on Tebas, the president of the Spanish League, after the events of the team’s match against Getafe, in which arbitration errors were recorded that affected the outcome of the match.

    Xavi attacks Tebas after Barcelona-Getafe match with fiery statements
    Barcelona coach attacks Tebas, your product you sell is a shame!

    The Barça coach was sent off after protesting the referee’s decision, and Xavi’s sending off was not the first one of the match, as both Rafinha and Mata were sent off.

    Hernandez sent a message to Tebas saying, “If this is a product that La Liga has provided and you want to sell it to the world, then it’s a shame for me, an absolute shame.

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