Barcelona’s stance on the Flamengo striker

    The Catalan media are still talking about the possibility of a contract Barcelona Flamengo’s Peterson Novaes will use the player’s services to support the Catalan team’s offensive line.

    Peterson Novaes
    Peterson Novaes

    Peterson Novaes, the Flamengo striker who has managed nine goals in 29 games with his side this year, is a financial fit, but Barça have yet to formally settle a deal and Brazilian media confirm the player will remain Flamengo.

    Barcelona losing hope in Moreba

    The Catalan team has given up hope of any financial benefit from Moriba’s departure from Leipzig, as the Catalan club retained an item on his sale that allows them to receive 10% of any future sale to him after the €22m switch.


    The problem is that there are no offers yet for Moribe as no club is interested in signing him, making it impossible for Barcelona to take advantage of his departure to any other destination, especially in light of the difficult financial conditions in which the Catalan club suffers.

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