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Barcelona’s Messi rejected by Paris Saint-Germain!


Talks between Paris Saint-Germain and Argentine legend Lionel Messi seem to have reached their final breaking point after the Parisian club turned down a player for Barcelona.

It is worth noting that Leo’s contract with the Parisian club expires at the end of the current sports season, that is, on June 30, 2023.


And now the Argentine star is just a stone’s throw away from joining his former team, Barcelona Spain, in the midst of much desire and interest from the Catalan club.

Paris Saint-Germain refuses Messi in Barcelona!

Paris Saint-Germain refuses Messi in Barcelona!

And according to what the newspaper Le Parisien published, the Parisian club announced that Leo’s contract extension had reached an impasse.

Especially after Jorge asked the management of the Parisian club to increase the salary of the footballer, especially after winning the last World Cup in Qatar in 2022, and this is what hinders the negotiations.

Paris Saint Germain

And the paper went on to say that the Paris Saint-Germain administration is actually planning for next season to be without the Argentine star, especially since the club currently has no plans to raise his salary.

But the response came from the environment of the Argentine player, denying these accusations and stating that the problem is not money, but a sports project awaits, especially the name of a new coach.


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