Barcelona’s Laporta makes decision on Xavi’s future following league victory

    Resolute Juan Laporta, club president BarcelonaThe future of Spanish coach Javi Hernandez with the Catalan club after winning the Spanish Championship for 2022/23.

    The Catalan club managed to win the Spanish title for the 27th time after beating Espanyol 4-2.

    Blaugrana lead the league table with 85 points, 14 points behind rivals Real Madrid.


    This tournament is the second in the career of the Spanish coach Xavi Hernandez as a coach of the Catalan club after winning the Spanish Super Cup.

    Laporta decides Xavi’s future at Barcelona after winning the league

    In a press statement on Monday morning, Laporta said of Xavi’s contract renewal: “There will be no problem. He is the son of the club and fully understands the conditions the club is in and deserves the credit.

    And he continued his speech by saying: “We are on an austerity plan and I am calm because he is the first one to comply with this plan. Xavi has made it clear that he wants to be the manager of Barcelona, ​​maybe even more than I do.


    He continued by saying: “His start has a lot in common with Guardiola’s.

    Commentary by Juan Laporta on the Negrera case

    Juan Laporta
    Juan Laporta

    Laporta said of Negrera’s case, “It became clear that we had no influence on arbitration, and even more clear that we did not buy arbitration. The case will be decided in court.

    He continued: “It was an attempt by the media to discredit the club, but it failed. No one in the club was affected, and I was just a witness. It depends on others.

    He concluded: “I went to Severin because we wanted to clarify this issue, but I am convinced that this issue has appeared now, and this is not a mere coincidence. There are those who have goals in this matter, but they will not get what they want.

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