Barcelona’s La Liga Victory is Within Reach, Says Courtois

    Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibault Courtois has confirmed that Barcelona can now win the Liga, especially after the two have widened to 12 points.

    Real Madrid suffered a serious defeat from the Catalan club with two free goals in the 26th round of the La Liga championship.

    Courtois: Barcelona can win La Liga now


    Courtois said in a press statement after the meeting: “I think we are talking about 12 points difference! They can win the title with 4 matches left in the league.

    He continued: “We can still win the Copa del Rey and the Champions League.

    And he continued: “Honestly, the league has become difficult, but we will fight to the end.” Courtois: We’ll have to come and win here in the cup.

    He continued, “Today we had a great match. We both had chances.

    He added: “I don’t think they won. We played well in the second half. We didn’t have many chances, but we arrived and didn’t use them. We were going to win, we left an empty place, and in the end they scored.

    He continued, “I’m happy to help the team, but we couldn’t win.

    Thibaut Courtois
    Thibaut Courtois

    He continued: “We can win the cup and we have a very good season in the Champions League.

    He concluded: “We had a lot of chances in the second half but didn’t take advantage of them and it’s a pity that Asensio’s goal was cancelled.

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