Barcelona’s Impending Loss: Successor to Messi Likely to Depart

    After the departure of Argentine star Lionel Messi from Barcelona in August 2021 and joining the French team Paris Saint-Germain, Catalan fans had their hopes up with their then-new youngster Ansu Fati.

    Fati appeared with great potential that made him the talk of all the international newspapers, prompting the Catalan team officials to give him the number 10, which is the most important number in the history of the club due to his association with club legend Messi.

    But the player has suffered more than one injury that has left him out of action for a long time, come back with a very low technical level, disappoint Barcelona fans and responsibility and push them to the idea of ​​selling him at the end of the current season. .

    Some media are reporting that Barcelona want to sell Fati, but he has one condition to complete the process.

    And to the Spanish newspaper Sport, she said that between the president of the Barcelona club Juan Laporta and Jorge Mendez, the players’ agent, there were disagreements about the sale of Anso Fati in the upcoming summer transfers.

    The newspaper added that Juan Laporta, president of the Catalan club, along with sporting director Mathieu Alemany, flew to Porto to meet with Mendez to decide the player’s fate.

    And the Sport newspaper added that Barcelona do not want to sell Fati because of the charisma and popularity he has among the Barça fans, in addition to being the expected successor to Lionel Messi, the former and current star of the Parisian club. . Team Saint Germain.

    And the Spanish newspaper added that Barcelona were waiting for a check that Mendez would make on the Mercato market to figure out the best price Fati could get, and that the club would not be willing to sell him unless he received a suitable offer. .

    And the Sport newspaper concluded that it was difficult for Barcelona and Jorge Mendes to reach a consensus on the sale of Fati.

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