Barcelona’s Disappointing Scoreline against Getafe in the Spanish League

    Barcelona failed to defeat Getafe in the matches of the first round of the championship of Spain.

    Barcelona lost to Getafe in La Liga

    And for the fourth time in a row, Barça failed to beat Getafe at the Coliseum.

    The match saw a lot of arbitration controversy as the referee sent off Rafinha Diaz, a player from Catalan club Barcelona, ​​in the first half of the match.

    Al Ahly Jeddah targets Barcelona star kidnapping
    Al Ahly Jeddah targets Barcelona star kidnapping

    He also sent off Getafe player Hayami Mata, who received a red card in the second half of the match, after he interfered with Barcelona player Ronaldo Aragua.

    Xavi objected to the referee of the match for not counting the error in favor of his player Abdel Samad Al-Zalzouli and demanded that the Getafe player be sent off.

    In Xavi’s excitement, the referee of the match issued Xavi a red card to leave the bench in the 70th minute of the match.

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