Barcelona’s Champions League journey ends due to this reason

    The story with Tigrera once again surprised everyone inside Barcelona, ​​especially in connection with the expected sanctions against the Catalan team from the European Union.

    The President of the Investigative Court No. 1 of Barcelona, ​​Joaquín Aguirre, directly accused the Spanish club of bribing Negrere. deputy and head of the technical committee of judges is considered a crime.


    Press reports have confirmed that the allegation is expected to have serious consequences at European Football Association level, particularly for the team’s position in the Champions League.

    Barcelona in trouble due to bribes

    The federation has provisionally approved Barca’s participation in the Champions League this summer pending further investigation into the matter, but there are currently two sanctions against the Catalan club and the first is expected to be a disciplinary punishment and the second a disciplinary one. be deprived of participation in the Champions League.

    Catalan team

    According to press reports, the organization is waiting for the final decision to make an official decision, as happened when Osasuna was denied participation in the European Championships before the Court of Sports overturned the decision.

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