Barcelona Unveils Star Player Who Will Face Real Madrid

    Spanish press reports this Wednesday morning reported the position of Uruguayan star Ronald Araujo, Barcelona defender, for the El Clasico match against Real Madrid after he was sent off against Valencia.

    The most famous referee of the match Valencia andBarcelonaa red card in favor of Araujo, sparking controversy over the absence of a player in two matches with his team against Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid.

    Ronald Araujo
    Ronald Araujo

    According to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, the referee wrote in his report: “In the 59th minute, player (4) Araujo da Silva was sent off for the following reason: he hit an opponent and thus prevented an opportunity for a clear goal.”

    On the margins of this, according to article 121.1 of the Disciplinary Code, “a direct suspension is punishable by a disqualification of at least one match, unless the infringement poses a great danger to the opponent (disqualification of two or more matches), together with a financial penalty.”

    Barcelona reveal the position of the star of the team that will play in front of Real Madrid

    Mundo confirmed that Araujo will take part in the El Clasico match against real Madridscheduled for March 19, of course, on the grounds of the Spotify Camp Nou stadium.

    Real Madrid-Barcelona
    Real Madrid-Barcelona

    As the paper concluded, emphasizing that in cases of dismissals due to off-ball play; The suspension is designed for at least two matches, which does not apply to the Araujo incident.

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