Barcelona to ‘fight for the rights of the women’s team’ with appeal after being expelled from the Copa Reina

    Barcelona have vowed to “take all possible measures” to reverse the decision to exclude the women’s team from the Reina Cup.

    The Catalans have won the Spanish league and cup for the past three seasons, but it turned out they fielded the wrong player when they beat Osasuna 9-0 in the last 16 of this season’s cup competitions.

    Osasuna lost on 10 January, but were declared the winner of the match on a technicality: Barcelona striker Geise played and scored when she was due to serve out her suspension.

    Brazil’s Geise was sent off in the previous match of the tournament when she played for the Madrid CFF against eventual finalist Sporting Huelva in last season’s quarter-finals.

    Barcelona believes there are grounds for successfully challenging the decision, with ESPN reporting that the club is adamant. Geise did not appear on the pre-match disciplinary suspension lists issued by the cup organizers, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

    In a statement issued following Tuesday’s elimination, the Camp Nou giants said: “FC Barcelona announces that the club must continue to fight for the rights of the women’s team after they were penalized by the competition committee for fielding an unsuitable squad, with an appeal. must be submitted at the appropriate time.

    “If the sanction is not lifted on appeal, Barcelona will take all possible action, as it is believed that in this case the squad was declared unacceptable due to technical details.”

    Barcelona, ​​who beat Real Sociedad 3-0 in the Supercopa on Sunday, appear to be on the right track to claim the Spanish title for the fourth consecutive season, having won 14 consecutive games in the competition since the start of the season.

    The RFEF also fined Barcelona €1,001 for the suspension episode, while Sevilla were also excluded from this season’s cup after Nagorée Calderón played in a 1-0 win against Villarreal when she also there was a disqualification. from last season.

    Sevilla said they had presented arguments against such a punishment, but would not appeal again.

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