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Barcelona stuns Neymar as Messi’s comeback falls short


FC Barcelona, ​​led by Juan Laporta, failed to bring back Argentine star Lionel Messi after the player announced a move to American club Inter Miami in the summer of 2023.

Several reports indicated that the Catalan club were planning Messi’s return after he left the team in 2021 for Paris Saint-Germain.

Lionel Messi – Barcelona.

And Messi said this yesterday in a press interview: “I listened to a bit of everything that was said, what came out and what Xavi said, but it was a little of what he said recently. La Liga gave the go-ahead but it’s not realistic for me to decide because there’s so much missing and it’s been a long summer and I don’t want to go through what I’ve been through again. I’d rather decide early on to get it over with and just sit back and think about the vacation and my future and actually plan for what I know will be possible.

He continued, “But on the other hand, after the experience I had at the time of my departure, I didn’t want to live in the same situation again, I didn’t want to wait for what would happen and leave my future in my hands. other people.

Barcelona shock Neymar after messi comeback failure

Neymar and Messi

According to Spanish newspaper Sport, Neymar, currently a Paris Saint-Germain player, offered the Catalan club to sign him after Messi moved to Inter Miami.

And the publication emphasized that the Brazilian star is ready to reduce his salary in order to return again.

However, journalist Alfredo Martínez has indicated that Barcelona are not considering returning Neymar anytime soon.


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