Barcelona strategizes return plan as Messi’s comeback looms

    Several press reports have shown that Paris Saint-Germain star Argentine international Lionel Messi is close to returning to Barcelona again in the upcoming summer transfer period.

    Barcelona are looking to secure many outstanding signings over the course of next season, the most famous of which is Lionel Messi as Barcelona aim to challenge for all titles, especially the Champions League title.

    Messi’s return to Barcelona is the dream of all Barcelona fans, but the illusion of Laporta and Xavi is facing a harsh reality: the economic situation of the Blaugrana club, before Barcelona can make a formal offer to Messi, they will have to face a very difficult economic restructuring , which will allow them to register new pending contracts (Xavi and Araujo and Marcos Alonso and Sergi Roberto), immediate extensions (Balde and Busquets) and the signing of reinforcements (four to five, depending on the number of injured) for next season.

    Barcelona steps

    Messi is coming.  Barcelona is developing a return plan

    This is the roadmap put together by Barcelona to make Messi’s return possible, but not impossible:

    1- Feasibility study

    Barcelona is to submit to La Liga a feasibility plan for the coming years. Club “Blaugrana” hopes that the Spanish federation led by Javier Tebas will accept his proposal to gradually reduce the wage bill. La Liga sources have confirmed to Sport that Barcelona will have to fork out nearly €250m to be able to sign new players.

    2- Cutting costs and increasing bills

    Barcelona’s viability plan hinges on significant cost cuts and a modest increase in bills. The key is to achieve a very significant cut in the first team wage block, although there will also be significant cuts in the rest of the professional departments, and even among the non-sporting staff of the organization.

    To do this, Barcelona intends to renegotiate the contracts of highly paid players (such as Ter Stegen or De Jong, for example) and sell players who can generate a net profit (this is the case of Ansu Fati, a young player, or Kesse, who came at the price of Zero) and even thought about terminating the contract (everything points to Jordi Alba).

    Increasing revenues will be very difficult, because with the move to Montjuic, the loss from ticket sales is estimated at 55 million euros.

    3- First registration, then signatures

    In the event that Barcelona’s survival plan is approved by La Liga, Barça’s priority will be to register all players who have extended their contracts but have not yet registered. These are the cases of Araujo, Marcos Alonso, Sergi Roberto and, above all, Xavi, who still has a subdocument.

    When all these players are also analyzed (signing Busquets an extension, if it finally happens, with a very large cut to his current salary: only seven million euros), you can start thinking about transfers, one of which is Messi.

    With the Argentine star, it’s not about the money needed to secure a deal (it will be free, as his contract with PSG expires on June 30), but about a salary that needs to be paid.

    Messi contract

    Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi
    4- Messi contract that matches the market

    Messi will not come to Barcelona for any price, mainly because it is illegal, not allowed by the League, Barcelona will have to give him a contract adapted to the market price, according to article 105 bis of the La Liga budget preparation plan, there is an evaluation commission (consisting of independent experts). You must determine the minimum value of a football player based on various criteria: age, market conditions, career path, record, performance).

    According to Sport, Barcelona are planning to prepare a total offer of 25 million euros per season for Messi, a quarter of what he received at the end of his previous spell at the Blaugrana club. Sources within FC Barcelona believe the file is up to La Liga standards.

    5- Reconciliation with Messi and negotiations

    This is the final step in Messi’s hypothetical return to Barcelona, ​​but perhaps the most important. The Argentine superstar was forced to leave Barcelona two seasons ago when she was sure he would renew (he actually cut short his holiday to sign his new contract ) and this seriously damaged the relationship of the player and his entourage with him.President LaPorta.

    Although some steps have already been taken to improve these relations (such as a meeting between Laporta and Leo’s father Jorge Messi), there has been no meeting between the president and the player to reach a final reconciliation.

    Once there is a reconciliation (which will not be easy), it will be time to discuss the contract and, above all, to explain the sporting project, which is key in all Messi’s decisions. Barcelona’s idea is to give him a two-year contract so that he can attend the return teams at the Camp Nou Spotify, After the season in Montjuïc and, of course, taking part in the events dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the club.

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