Barcelona referee bribery accusation addressed by Laporta after period of silence

    Joan Laporta, President of Barcelona, ​​has broken his silence on allegations against his club of corruption and bribery in recent times.

    Prosecutor’s Office of Spain barca In the case of corruption and providing suspicious amounts of money to José María Negrera, former vice-president of the refereeing committee of the Spanish Football Federation.


    It is worth noting that several reports appeared in the press that the Catalan club, because of these accusations, is threatened with suspension from participation in the European Championship.

    Laporta breaks silence on Barcelona accusation of bribing referees

    Huang tweeted through his official account on the microblogging site Twitter, saying, “I ask the fans of the club to calm down. Barcelona He is innocent of these charges and is being subjected to a systematic campaign in which everyone participates.”

    “We will defend Barcelona and show the innocence of the club,” concluded the head of Spotify Castle Camp Nou.

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