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Barcelona Punished for Referee Scandal with Champions League Expulsion


The gossip continues in the case of former Barcelona presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Bartomeu, who is linked to the former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee of the Spanish Federation, Negrera.

And, according to some newspaper reports, the Spanish prosecutor’s office is investigating what has been raised regarding the payment of 1.7 million euros by the owners of Blaugrana to a company owned by the former vice-chairman of the Spanish Judicial Committee. .

Following extensive investigations by the Spanish Attorney General into the involvement of former Catalan club presidents Bartomeu and Rosella, investigations revealed that a company owned by Enrique Negrera, the former vice-president of the Spanish Referee Committee, received illegal sums.

Because of this; Relations between current Camp Nou president Laporta and Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish league, have escalated tensions, prompting the latter to ask Juan Laporta to step down due to the Blaugrana involvement.

Barcelona expelled from the Champions League… harsh punishments due to referee scandal!

In the event that Barça’s involvement in this case is proven, very severe sanctions will be imposed on the Catalan club’s team, which can amount to a large fine, non-participation in the Champions League and the suspension of some events.


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