Barcelona President Slams Tebas, Unveils Plans for Team’s Star Player

    Barcelona president Juan Laporta lashed out at La Liga president Tebas on Tuesday morning, defending his club who didn’t buy a referee; During the investigation, it was alleged that he had paid a bribe to a former juror.

    And last month there were reports in the press that between 2001 and 2018 the Catalan club paid 6.5 million euros to a company owned by the former deputy chairman of the Technical Arbitration Committee, José Henriques Negrera.

    Laporta - President of Barcelona
    Laporta – President of Barcelona

    Barcelona President attacks Tebas and reveals the future of the team’s star

    “Let’s be clear that Barcelona never bought referees and Barça never intended to buy referees,” Laporta said during an event in Barcelona.

    He stated: “The power of facts contrasts with those who are trying to change history. Everything is good again – nothing happens by chance.

    Last month, Laporta launched a vicious attack on Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish Football League, accusing him of “fabricating a campaign against the blue garnets.”

    Javier Tebas
    Javier Tebas

    He stressed: “There is a campaign going on to damage the interests of Barcelona. This is a campaign aimed at controlling the club. The Spanish league does not admit that Barcelona did not sign a contract with the CVC (investment fund), which it manages itself.

    He spoke about Sergio Busquets: “We are thinking about renewing the contract with Busquets, he is the leader of the team and very important in the dressing room and Xavi wants him to stay for another year.”

    He added: “We have not made him a specific proposal, but we will present it to him shortly. He must appreciate many other aspects such as family, country and the great history he has with us.”

    He continued, “We want to know what he thinks, Javi wants him to continue and he knows it. We will sit down with him to discuss a new contract and we hope that he will reject the offers made to him from abroad.”


    And he continued about the contracts: “We want to include a right-back, as well as a striker, but it is possible that one of the strikers will leave in the summer, and in the center of the field I do not see the need for reinforcements.”

    And the Barcelona president continued: “In order to include players, other players have to come out because we have a difficult economic situation, which was not the case under the previous administration. They set strict laws just for us so that we cannot sign contracts. “. “.


    And he concluded about the coach of the Catalan team: “He is a person who does not ask for crazy things and understands the (financial) situation in the club. I thought about renewing the contract with Xavi.”

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