Barcelona player criticizes Paris Saint-Germain on their treatment of Messi

    The former Barcelona star has commented on the tense atmosphere between Paris Saint-Germain and Argentine star Lionel Messi over his trip to Saudi Arabia as a tourism ambassador without the team’s approval.

    As a result, Paris Saint-Germain fans attacked the player and demanded his departure, in addition to the decision of the Parisian club led by Nasser Khleifi to suspend Messi for two weeks without pay.

    Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi

    The Argentine star is set to leave the Parisian club in the coming days after the player refused to renew his contract, according to press reports.

    Barcelona star opens fire on Paris Saint-Germain over Messi


    Javier Mascherano, a former Barcelona player, said of what’s going on in Saint Germain with Messi: “It’s a shame they didn’t appreciate the size of the player that’s on their team and how lucky they are. Ten years ago, no Parisian fan could have imagined that he would get the club’s best player.” History is on his team, and instead of enjoying it, they spent two years critiquing it.

    And he continued his speech, saying: “In ten years, Paris Saint-Germain and its fans will regret what they have done. Any team in the world will give everything to get them even for five minutes. Messi’s professionalism cannot be criticized. It’s hard to see someone then with such professionalism, even though he is the best in history.

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