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Barcelona Player Challenges Bribery Case with Arbitration


Spain star and former Barcelona player Cesc Fàbregas spoke about the Barcelona scandal and accusations of the Catalan team of bribing the referees, explaining that the players are not required to be involved in this case because it is something much more than them and they do not can claim it.

And according to what the Spanish network Cadena Sir reported, Camp Nou officials had previously signed a contract with Dasnil 95 SL, owned by former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee, José María Henriques Negrera, and this has come to light. by reviewing the paid tax collections, which amounted to $1.4 million.

Barcelona star sets fire to arbitration after bribery case

A current Italian team player, Como, condemned the arbitration aid to the Catalan club, highlighting what happened in the 2014 league, saying: “I’m angry because Barcelona is being questioned by arbitration support. Had video technology been present, Barcelona would have owned another league, the 2014 league.” In the match against Atlético Messi, because I didn’t touch the ball, I touched Juan Fran.


Fabregas ended his performance, which was highlighted by the Mundo Deportivo newspaper, underlining: “I love Xavi’s Barcelona very much. Yes, a lot has improved in the team, but there are other things that need to be improved. Winning the Spanish Championship, this season, will be great.” step.”


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