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Barcelona officially found guilty in Negrera case by Spanish court


The Spanish judiciary has formally condemned FC Barcelona in cases brought against him for bribing Enrique Negrera, the former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee.

After extensive investigations carried out by the prosecutor’s office in the last period, the charges against FC Barcelona have been referred to the Spanish judiciary.

And prosecutorial investigations found that Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, former presidents of Barcelona, ​​were involved in paying up to 1.7 million euros to a company owned by Enrique Negrera’s son in an illegal manner.

Spanish court officially condemns Barcelona in Negrera case

During the last hours, the Spanish police found a number of confidential documents belonging to the rulers in the house of the late Josep Contreras.

Josep Contreras, the former sporting director of Barcelona, ​​has already sent those documents to the company run by Negrera.

Thus, the Spanish judiciary charged the Catalan club with 3 charges, namely: “financial and administrative corruption, fraud in the sports field and forgery of official documents.”

Thus, the main defendant in the case, Josep Maria Bartomeu, the former president of Barcelona, ​​in addition to the entire club, will be summoned to Juan Laporte, Sandro Rosell, Gaspar.

This subpoena aims to have their testimony in the case taken as “witnesses” as they are presidents of Barcelona between 2001 and 2018.


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