Barcelona Awaits as Xavi Nears Premier League Move

    Many press sources have indicated that there has been a tempting offer from the Premier League to include Barcelona star Spanish midfielder Pablo Jaffe to include him during the upcoming summer transfers.

    Barcelona are keen to keep their young star out of the temptation as Barça look for a solution to get the player signed up and kept in the team.

    Xavi in ​​talks with Chelsea


    And the AS newspaper pointed out: Chelsea are ready to pay any salary the player demands, while Barcelona are asking their players to take a pay cut, the newspaper adds: “Pablo is now making a difficult choice, money or love.”

    Barcelona’s plan with the player

    Xavi is approaching the premier league.  Barcelona is waiting

    MD confirms Barcelona’s plan: Barça are working with La Liga to agree a new contract with the young star. The cost of breaking the contract is one billion euros. Barcelona will present a new plan to La Liga that will allow his contract and other contracts to be registered and signed in case players leave.

    It is worth noting that Barça are top of the Spanish La Liga table with 72 points from 28 rounds, 13 points ahead of their nearest competitor, Real Madrid.

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