Balancing Success: Saud Al-Sarami Calls for Gender Equality in Awards

    Sports journalist Saud Al-Sarami gave a scathing speech to the players of the first team of the Saudi club Al-Nasr, urging them to win the league championship, as Al-Nasr women did.

    Al-Nasr Al-Saudi is currently in second place in the local competition rankings with 49 points, one point behind Al-Ittihad, which leads the rankings.

    Fans and supporters of Al-Alama hope that their clubs will win the league title this season, especially since he is only one point away from the top.

    It is worth noting that Al-Alami has 9 matches left until the end of the current sports season.

    Saud Al-Sarami: Women winners should not outweigh men!

    Sports journalist Saud Al-Sarami stated on Al-Diwaniya: “If Al-Nasr fails to win the league championship this season, every professional player, whether foreign or local, must return every dollar, euro or riyal to the global account. . “.

    And Al-Sarami continued: “It is unwise in front of so much support that I see from the Al-Nasr club, which has become one of the 3 richest clubs in the world, and all this money, and they did not attend the league. championship.”

    He ended his speech by saying: “Women winners have won the championship this season and Cristiano Ronaldo was present at the match and blessed them. You should not give in to the Lady winners, men, this is not good for you.” ”

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