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Bader Al Mutawa’s collaboration with Ronaldo comes to an end in Kuwait


Star Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of Portugal and Saudi club Al Nasr, has become the most international player in football history with 197 caps.

Ronaldo, the Rocket of Madeira, played mostly with his country against his colleague from Liechtenstein this evening, Thursday, in the qualifying matches for the Euro 2024 European Football Championship, which is scheduled in Germany.

Cristiano Ronaldo (38), his country’s and world’s historic top scorer with 118 goals, was the sole record holder for most international appearances, with 197 appearances to break his partnership with Kuwaiti Bader Al Mutawa. who made 196 appearances for Al-Azraq during his professional career.

The following is a list of the top ten players who appear most frequently in international matches with their national teams:

1- Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo: 197 matches.

2- Kuwait Bader Al Mutawa: 196 matches.

3- Malaysian Su Chin An: 195 matches.

4- Egyptian Ahmed Hassan: 184 matches.

5- Omani Ahmed Mubarak: 183 matches.

6- Spaniard Sergio Ramos: 180 matches.

7- Mexican Andres Guardado: 179 matches.

8- Saudi Arabia Mohammed Al-Deaiya: 178 matches.

9- Mexican Claudio Suarez: 177 matches.

10- Italian Gianluigi Buffon: 176 matches.

Source: RT+ TASS agency


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