Bader Al Mutawa Breaks Ronaldo’s Record, Sends Message of Achievement

    Kuwaiti Bader Al-Mutawa sent an important message to Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the Portugal national team and the winner of Saudi Arabia, after the latter broke his record.

    Last night, Thursday, Ronaldo managed to beat the number of Badr Al Mutawa, the Kuwait international, after the Portuguese star made his 197th international appearance in his football career, while Al Mutawa made 196 appearances.

    And Rocket Madeira became dean of world players after his main performance with his country’s national team against Liechtenstein in the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

    Portugal beat Liechtenstein 4-0, with Don scoring two goals in that match.

    Bader Al Mutawa sent a message to Ronaldo after breaking his record

    Bader Al Mutawa tweeted a message through his personal Twitter account to the Portuguese legend expressing his pride in representing Kuwait in 196 matches.

    Al Mutawa wrote: “I am very proud to have represented my country in 196 international matches and I am honored that Cristiano Ronaldo broke my record as he is a true legend.”

    And he continued: “You are a legend and loved by all the players, and I wish you success and even more success and achievements.”

    The legendary Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals for his country against Liechtenstein last night, increasing his record for the number of goals for the national team to 120.

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