Ashraf Hakimi accused of embezzling money from Heba Abouk

    Spanish actress Heba Abouk, divorced Moroccan star Ashraf Hakimi, defender of French football club Paris Saint-Germain, has filed a new lawsuit against her ex-husband.

    The Spanish actress has decided to divorce Hakimi a few years later in light of his recent allegations of “sexual” abuse of a young French woman.

    The rape incident took place on February 25 last year at his home, Ashraf Hakimi, when the Moroccan footballer’s wife and children were visiting Spain.

    Ashraf Hakimi’s wife was greatly surprised when she demanded half of Ashraf Hakimi’s fortune to transfer ownership of all his property and money to his mother’s name.

    And the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia reported that the Spanish actress has decided to file a new lawsuit against Ashraf Hakimi for fraud and misuse of their joint funds.

    Hakimi’s controversial behavior came at a time when the mother of the Moroccan star announced that her son had failed to notify her of the plan to transfer all of his property and money into her name, emphasizing that he did not do so to protect himself.

    In her lawsuit against him, Ashraf’s ex-wife Hakimi demanded compensation of 10 million euros, and he made her an offer of only 2 million euros, which she categorically refuses.

    The Tunisian-born Spanish actress said earlier: “I have decided to take legal action to separate and end our life together before divorce.”

    Source: media

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