Asensio Speaks to Real Madrid Supporters Following Loss to Celta Vigo

    Spanish midfielder Marco Asensio, midfielder of Real Madrid, addressed the fans of his team after defeating Celta in the championship of the Spanish Premier League.

    The Beze match ended with a 2-0 victory over Celta Vigo, in a match that took place as part of the thirtieth round of the Champions League. La Liga great.

    The Royal team managed to raise their score to 65 points and take second place in the standings of the Spanish Premier League, while Celta Vigo’s balance sheet froze at 36, finishing twelfth in the standings.

    Asensio Addresses Real Madrid Fans After Defeat Celta Vigo

    Asensio Addresses Real Madrid Fans After Defeat Celta Vigo

    Marco Asensio sent a message to merengue fans after they applauded him after his team’s match today, where he said: “Very happy, proud that they understand what I’m doing on the pitch and these are not easy moments.”

    He continued: “The ones who gave me strength are Madrid, they gave me a lot of strength to continue, you all know how I feel about this club.”

    He added: “I have more opportunities and consistency and that helps a lot. I’m happy that the daily work is reflected on the pitch and the love for Real Madrid helps a lot.”

    Regarding Ancelotti, he said: “Now the coach is giving me confidence and I’m benefiting from the minutes and I’m hoping to get a continuity because I love getting on the field.”

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