Arsenal Star Mohamed Salah Unlikely to Find Satisfaction at Al Ittihad

    Paul Merson, the former Arsenal star, has said he objects to the transfer of Mohamed Salah, a Liverpool first team player, to Al Ittihad during the current summer transfer period.

    The Tigers have entered into talks in Jeddah to try and secure the Egyptian player during this summer’s transfers. A deal that would have been historic had it ended up in favor of the Tigers as a huge amount of money was offered to the club. player in exchange for agreeing to join the team.

    Arsenal star: Mohamed Salah will get a lot of money from Al-Ittihad

    Mohamed Salah

    In a statement to Sky Sport, he added: Mohamed Salah, a Liverpool first team player, would not be happy if he moved to the federation during the current summer transfer period and I have done the same before and I have not been happy. .

    He continued: “I moved to the Middlesbrough team and I got a lot of money in my time, but if time comes back to me again, I won’t do it. It was a step back, with all due respect to Middlesbrough.

    Watam: The money that the Egyptian player will receive is very large. This means his grandchildren won’t need any work and I totally feel what Klopp, the Liverpool manager, feels that they are spending a lot of money in Saudi Arabia. and their transmission period must end at the same time as ours.

    Mohamed Salah, Liverpool player

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