Arsenal Manager Eidewall believes that WSL’s growth may assist English clubs in European competitions.

    Arsenal head coach Jonas Eidewall believes the continued growth of the Women’s Super League should see England win the Women’s Champions League soon.

    The Gunners won the UEFA Women’s Cup in 2006-07, but no English team has lifted the trophy since the creation of the Champions League format in 2009, when Chelsea lost to Barcelona in the 2020-21 final.

    Ahead of Arsenal’s quarter-final second leg against Bayern Munich, with the German side leading 1-0 in the first leg, Eidewahl expressed optimism for WSL teams in Europe going forward.

    “Naturally, the clubs that invested the most were also the most successful,” said the Swedish coach. “If you see how the WSL has grown this year: more games played in bigger stadiums, good attendance, but also a great atmosphere.

    “We also see excitement and competition around all three important things in the league – the competition to win the league, the competition to qualify for the Champions League, [and] competition not to be relegated.

    “That means a lot of the games here in the spring will have an important sporting result that is great for fun. Maybe not for the hearts of managers and the ability not to have gray hair, but for everyone else it’s interesting.

    “This is the creation of a brand that no other European league currently has. It will also affect how you can create and develop the product.

    “While I think other European clubs have been successful because they had owners and an investment structure, English clubs will succeed because of the product we are building together and the league is the driving force behind that. It will create a better future for all English clubs if we work together and build this together.

    “I know this is what the players are looking for, they want to get into the most competitive league, the best environment, the best atmosphere.

    “We haven’t reached it yet, but the first steps have already been taken and it is important to keep taking these steps so that the future can be for English clubs in Europe as well.”

    According to Eidevall, this is a case where “if you build it, the trophies will come” and he hopes his Arsenal team will overcome all obstacles in Europe.

    “If you’re building something here, it’s only a matter of time before an English club wins the Champions League,” he added. “Both of the clubs that are in the competition this year have the potential to do so. [Arsenal and Chelsea], it shouldn’t be in the distant future. As long as this progression continues, the time will be in favor of the English clubs.

    “Being a continental champion is perhaps the greatest thing you can win in club football in Europe and we are very proud in our history to be the only English club to have done so. If we could do it again in the future, that would be great.

    “I believe we can beat any team any day, so let’s make the most of tomorrow and maybe we can improve. Then once you get to the semi-finals, everyone can win a trophy.”

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