Arsenal climbs up Premier League table with victory over Newcastle

    Arsenal’s 2022-2023 Premier League matchday 35 has just ended against Newcastle.

    And the Arsenal team managed to score a valuable victory over their counterpart Newcastle with two goals and never at St James’ Park, thereby ensuring their continued struggle for the English Premier League title.

    With this result, Arsenal raised their lead to 81 points in the English Premier League standings to get one point closer to Manchester City, the leaders of the Premier League, while Newcastle United’s balance sheet froze at 65 glasses.

    The result of the match Arsenal against Newcastle in the English Premier League

    Arsenal - Newcastle United

    In the eighth minute of the match, the Newcastle club won a penalty after a hand to the Arsenal defender, but the referee returned to cancel it, citing mouse technique.

    Arsenal then come in 14 minutes into the first half to score a progress goal with the signature of their own player Martin Odegaard, who, after a shot from outside the penalty area, positioned himself to the left of the Newcastle goalkeeper.

    In the 71st minute, Arsenal managed to extend their lead by scoring a second goal with friendly fire from a counter-attack when Gabriel Martinelli kicked the ball from Fabian Scheer and then into the net.

    Premier League standings after Arsenal win over Newcastle

    Premier League standings after Arsenal win over Newcastle
    Premier League standings after Arsenal win over Newcastle

    The English Premier League standings after Arsenal’s victory over Newcastle are as follows:

    1- Manchester City 82

    2-Arsenal 81

    3- Newcastle United 65

    4- Manchester United 63

    5- Liverpool 62

    6- Tottenham 57

    7-Brighton 55

    8- Aston Villa 54

    9- Brentford 50

    10- Fulham 45

    11-Chelsea 42

    12- Crystal Palace 40

    13- Wolverhampton 40

    14- Bournemouth 39

    15- West Ham United 34

    16- Leicester City 30

    17- Leeds United 30

    18- Nottingham Forest 30

    19- Everton 29

    20- Southampton 24

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