Argentina’s Federation Honors Messi and Receives Recognition for his Remarkable Achievements

    Argentine legend Lionel Messi, the French player of Paris Saint-Germain, commented on his country’s honor for him after winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, for the third time in history.

    And the Argentine Football Association announced that they paid special tribute to Leo for his role in the tango team.

    Messi commented on the Argentine federation honoring him

    Messi commented on the Argentine federation honoring him

    And Argentine legend Lionel Messi expressed his deep gratitude for the fact that his country honored him, and wrote on his personal Instagram account: “Many thanks to all of you for this appreciation, it is very important to me.”

    And he continued: “I came to this headquarters 20 years ago, and since I entered, I felt a special energy until today. Every time I enter, I feel a special energy in this place.”

    He added: “I went through difficult times, but even in those moments, entering here meant forgetting everything, the same thing that I still feel, happiness overwhelms me, because in a long time this place will bear my name.”

    And he concluded by saying: “I’m one of those people who thinks that in life you need to give an assessment, and I think that this is a special assessment, because the value of the players who have left and will leave here is a very good thing.”

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