Argentina maintains top spot while Morocco slips down the rankings

    Today, Thursday, the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) announced the monthly ranking of national teams after 62 matches in last month’s competitions.

    At senior level, the classification has not changed, with Argentina, France and Brazil remaining in the top three positions, while England moved up to fourth place.

    Belgium dropped to fifth place, while Croatia moved up a step to sixth, while the Netherlands fell to seventh.

    On the other hand, Italy, Portugal and Spain remained in positions eight through ten.

    At the African level, Morocco dropped to 14th but remained the top African team, followed by Senegal (18th) and Tunisia dropped to 31st.

    While Algeria and Egypt moved up to 33rd and 34th respectively.

    FIFA Monthly Ranking.  Argentina retains lead as Morocco retreats

    In Asia, Saudi Arabia entered the top five, moving up to 53rd, ahead of South Korea (28), Australia (27), Iran (22) and Japan (20).

    At the Arab level, other teams made the top ten, namely Qatar (58), Iraq (70), UAE and Oman (72 and 73), Jordan (82), Bahrain (86), Syria (94), Palestine (96) and Mauritania (99).

    While Panama’s Gold Cup runners-up made the best jump ever, moving 12 steps ahead to be in position (45).

    Source: “Wakalat”

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