Arab teams experience a massive departure from Masters competition

    The Olympic teams of Qatar, Palestine and Bahrain were eliminated from the 16th round of football competitions as part of the 19th Asian Games events currently taking place in the Chinese city of Hangzhou.

    Qatar were eliminated by their Chinese counterparts, hosts and fans after losing to a solitary goal scored early by striker Tao Jianglong just three minutes into the match that brought them together today, Wednesday.

    At the same time, the Palestinian “fedayeen” lost to the Hong Kong national team, also with a difference of one goal, scored by striker Matt Orr in the 48th minute of the match.

    As for the Bahrain team, they dropped out of the tournament after losing to their North Korean counterpart in the confrontation that took place between them on Wednesday.

    And the Saudi Arabian Olympic team will play a match against their Indian team tomorrow, Thursday.

    Source: Agencies

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