Approval of Salah’s Proposals by Egyptian Federation to Enhance Player Contracts Development

    Gamal Allam, president of the Egyptian Football Association, has revealed the details of a proposal by Liverpool’s English star Mohamed Salah regarding the development of contracts for Egyptian footballers.

    Allam said in statements on the match program on Sada Al-Balad that Salah has some experience and vision, explaining that he spoke with the federation about developing player contracts in light of some of them complaining about not getting their rights because clubs do without them, not giving them their due.

    He added that the registration rules for the new season included Mohammed Salah’s proposals in such a way that the club obliges to give the player all his rights if a decision is made to abandon him.

    Egyptian federation approves Salah's proposals to develop contracts with players

    He explained that certain controls would be put in place to ensure that no player could leave the club to receive funds.

    And he continued that Mohamed Salah first of all emphasized the importance of getting into the African Cup of Nations, and then discussed the part related to the list of the Egyptian national team, explaining that the federation paid bonuses to the players of the pharaohs, with the exception of a few matches.

    Gamal Allam said that Mohamed Salah has a certain character and he first asked to visit his family when he arrived in Egypt last month.

    He added that the coaching staff and players of the Egyptian national team organized a celebration of Salah in the camp of the pharaohs.

    He went on to say that dealing with Mohamed Salah is easy because he is an educated person and able to adapt to others.

    Source: “Media”

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