Ancelotti’s Signing by Brazilian Confederation President Leaves Real Madrid Stunned

    Ednando Rodríguez, President of the Brazilian Football Confederation, spoke about his position regarding the signing of Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid, in the near future.

    real Madrid
    real Madrid

    Ancelotti’s name has been linked to a move to the Brazilian national team from the beginning of next season, especially after rumors of his imminent departure from the Bezet ranks.

    The President of the Brazilian Confederation shocked Real Madrid with the signing of Ancelotti

    Ancelotti responded to Hazard and settled the issue with Real Madrid

    The President of the Brazilian Confederation said about the contract with Ancelotti: “I’m not saying that Ancelotti has an offer from us, but we check and see if he wants to come. We have a plan and I say it for the first time frankly and there’s no point in hiding this is our favorite.

    He continued by saying: “We came to him for the achievements he has achieved and for the fact that he is a worthy person. We made sure that he is the right professional. We analyze his work not only from a professional coaching side, but also as a player. earlier in Italy.

    And he concluded: “The players who work with him or have worked with him say that he is a very open and educated person, very valuable and loves Brazilian players and football in our country, and we took this into account.

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